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Gabriel Buchmann – searching is enhanced

According to blog dedicated to “Help Gabriel” rescue groups are intensifying searches around Mt. Mulanje, Malawi, Africa.

Firefighters from Rio de Janeiro corporation has been joining to American and Canadian rescue team in his searching. They get there on this Tuesday, Aug. 4th.

Last Sunday the main news program of Brazilian TV (“FANTÁSTICO”) gave a big feature of his missing almost 3 weeks ago.

You may see a video of this issue:,,MUL1252217-15605,00-EQUIPES+DE+BUSCA+PROCURAM+BRASILEIRO+QUE+SUMIU+NO+MALAUI.html

On this Tuesday was also schedulled a spiritual and local ceremony promoted by elderly tribe members of Mulanje region. Mulanje peak is called by them as “Spirit’s mountain” and only invoking their protection someone can turn back alive from its treacherous paths, thus they think.

All of us are still praying for his reappering soon, no matter belief.


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