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Cleaning usb flash disk

(In fact, the extension saved in Media library is clear.doc in order to put this file there. Just rename it to true extension: .bat)

I made this small msdos script (.bat) to help me for cleaning my usb flash disk (pendrive), because I have a Win2003 Srv without updated antivirus (it’s too expensive). And the only thing that virus causes is to leave executables files in root folder. So I just delete them.

To run:

  1. Copy file to your flash disk
  2. Open Menu Start-Execute
  3. Search for “clear.bat” file
  4. Double-click it and just execute

That’s the code:

@Echo Off

REM ==============================================================
REM Apagar arquivos executaveis introduzidos por virus no pendrive
REM Autor: Sergio Vicente –
REM Data.: 22/maio/2010
REM ==============================================================

Attrib *.* -S -H -R
Del *.exe
Del *.inf

Echo Tá limpo!
Echo All clear!

@Echo On


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